Edukated Graffiti

Unity Consciousness Brand

Edukated Graffiti is proud to introduce our Divine Knowledge Free-Spirit Kulture. A  positive clothing brand with a foundation of Unity Consciousness. Our life long goal is to promote self-awareness and raise the vibration of the planet with positive energy.

Our passion is encouraging the creativity, generosity, and spiritual liberation of all beings. We find strength in unity and aim to inspire others to build their own legacies achieving a fulfilling life with peace, and prosperity.

Mission Liberation is the vow of the brand to donate part of our profits to deserving initiatives that contribute to liberation in some shape or form. Our exclusive apparel, hats and acessories are inspired by the Merkaba serve as a reminder to all who see it to operate at your highest self. By purchasing any item in our store you provide a hand in helping us do our part to give with gratitude.

Welcome to the love and unity inspired brand Edukated Graffiti Official Website. Thank you for visiting!

Meet our Mascot Owra (Or-Ra)

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