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8 Steps for a Woman Dancing with Cancer

In this short article, Susun Weed looks at 8 steps a woman can take after a diagnosis of cancer.

  1. Submit. Give up. Make room for the miracle.
  2. Inform yourself. Listen to your intuition. Examine all the options, but only use what feels right to you.
  3. Accept support. Surround yourself with loving friends, healing music, special colors, prayer and affirmation. Create a ceremony of healing/wholing and invite your supporters.
  4. Anoint your breast(s) with healing herbal oils such as calendula, dandelion, or poke. Visualize healing energies suffusing your tissues.
  5. Maximize the healthy qualities of your diet:
  • Use organic olive oil and butter to the exclusion of other fats.
  • Increase your use of beans, especially lentils, and fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, tamari, homemade wines and beers.
  • Include immune building and anticancer herbs in your diet:
  1. Increase you exercise level. Take a yoga or tai chi class weekly. Walk daily. Get a weekly massage. Pamper yourself with activity.
  2. Use drugs (chemotherapy, tamoxifen, anesthesia, pain killers) as required but:
  • consider a short trial of a powerful herb such as poke root before resorting to drugs; and
  • always combine drug use with complementary herbs. For instance, protect the liver with milk thistle seed tincture.
  1. Use radiation and surgery as needed but:
  • always combine with complementary herbs; and
  • be willing to set limits that you feel comfortable with – they can’t take your lymph glands if you say “No.”

For more information, see Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed.

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